Our ideas on the Enabling Process crystalised in 2017.

In that year, Philip Franses of Schumacher College and Barry Taylor discussed ideas that were emerging, particularly on ecology, from intuitively inspired scientists, but there appeared to be little effective and realistic support from politicians and other decision makers. They came up with ideas for supporting these scientists, throughout he world, with the finance and resources needed to develop their ideas. These are ideas which we continue to explore today/ 

In 2017, a summary of these early ideas was produced as follows:

The Idea

We contend that when considering a problem in the material world, whether human or technical, being aware and in harmony with that which is immeasurable, leads to a more satisfactory, holistic, coherent, balanced and constructive address of the challenges.

This view is not shared by the majority of politicians, scientists, academics and business people. The prevailing view is that by understanding the centre it is possible to control and manage everything in the perimeter landscape. This is leading the social landscape to become increasingly artificial and passive. Additionally, the arbitrariness of this assumption is becoming visible in the whims of central power, as the USA deciding impulsively to withdraw from the Paris agreement on Climate Change, or the UK to withdraw from the EU. This sudden moving of the goalposts of the current world order we are playing by, makes many activists peripheral in their efforts.   

Worldwide there are a significant number of individuals in these categories working on new projects and ideas arising from the understanding that life is at an impasse. Something has to shift and bring back a balance to the world. These individuals are often working in isolation with limited support, recognition or connection.  The idea we are exploring is to set up a worldwide and global platform/organisation that would support these isolated individuals and link them into a connected whole.  In due course this organization would be of significant value in solving the ever-growing challenges being experienced by the present materialistic paradigm.

Background to the Idea   

Our modern scientific view is that nothing is real apart from that which science predicts in measurement. 

This leads even to claims such as ‘What cannot be measured does not exist,’ which removes the tension of how the finite, measurable world relates to the infinite nature of existence. 

It is only when we stand directly in the tension between dichotomies that the finite of science (what is measureable) and the infinite of spirituality (what exists) reveal in their sharing a more fundamental ground of being.