The name of our company is - Savaric Whiting  Ltd. – this arose from an early inspiration by two of the Abbots of Glastonbury Abbey - Savaric fitzGeldewin - and - Richard Whiting.

Details of these Abbots ar given in our drawdown pages below

We are using the name of - Savaric - throughout these websites 

Through the actions of Savaric, the joining of the mystical Abbey of Glastonbury and the spiritual but more practical and materially orientated Cathedral of Wells became an inspiring vision an inspired vision – a healing of long on-going differences. This was achieved by Savaric’s extraordinary connections in high places and his energy and drive.  Savaric was an ordained priest and and a practising Christian thoughout his life. He was also a skilled negotiator and, as a treasurer, fluent with material worldly affairs

Savaric's work was later continued by abbot Richard Whiting.  He was a monk and also a graduate of Oxford University and a Doctor of Music.  He was the last Abbot of Glastonbury and suffered his well-known execution,  on Glatonburu Tor hill, dat the time of the dissolution of the manasteries by Henry VIII.

The vision of linking Abbey and cathedral disappeared for many years after death of Savaric. But his efforts to combine spirituality with skilled practicality - continued by Richard Whiting,  we are seeking to explore and continue today