In my work over the last 40 years, I have developed a way of working with the 'Wisdom’, available in higher levels of consciousness, and using this guidance, coupled with the ability to use the facilities available in the conventional material world, in order to set up worthwhile projects in the world. This Paper is a brief outline of what is involved in working in this way.

Underlying Principles

The Wisdom sees the whole of the Cosmos as one conscious, integrated and alive 'Whole'. From the point of view of a human being, this integrated Whole appears to be a Dichotomy, divided by levels of consciousness.

The Material level - is thought of as the lower levels of consciousness and embraces everything that exists that can be accessed by using the five material senses - and instruments to amplify these senses. This is essentially everything they can be weighed measured and counted.  Consciousness is thought of as a direct product of the material brain and nothing other than the material exists. All knowledge, past and present, can be obtained by using the conventional, intellectual, objective process. This might be thought of as the dominant Paradigm of the moment. This is not universally held but is the view of the majority in most aspects of contemporary life.

The 'Wisdom' Levels - higher levels of consciousness in which can be found the ancient and eternal Wisdom. 

These higher levels can only be accessed by using specific practices, including meditation.

They cannot be reached by conventional, detached, objective intellectual means - but only by the subjective experience of the investigator. An understanding of this concept is held only by a minority - but those who hold this view tend to agree on what is to be found at these higher levels - and this understanding is supported by centuries of teaching of the Ageless Wisdom and the Perennial Philosophy.

Application of the Principles

In our work we use these two principles as follows.

  • Using the wisdom for initial inspiration and support as the project develops
  • Using the facilities of the material world to support these activities

Specific Applications

Three Areas can be broadly described where this work is applicable

  1. Working with individuals
  • Understanding the Wisdom
  • helping them to access their Guidance,
  • listen to the Guidance
  • Envision a plan
  • On-going Support

2. Working with Groups

  • Finding the key initiator - and working with them
  • Check that the key initiator has the practical material skills needed to put an organisation together and find and supervise the core members and staff
  • helping them to access their guidance,
  • listen to the guidance
  • Decide upon the core group with him they will work
  • Define responsibilities of the core group
  • Draw up a Business Plan
  • Obtain the necessary resources
  • Support the evolving Project

3, The Enabling Process

This is similar to stage two - but different in a core aspect.

This means working with an inspired inventor who has come up with a new idea - that has been made to work in a simple form and now needs developing into a usable marketable product.

The inspired inventor is working consciously with his guidance - he feels that he needs to be flexible and change his ideas as the guidance changes - any concrete plan will inhibit the flow of guidance.

On the other hand, the financial and other resources needed want to see a business plans showing that the project is financially viable.

The task of the 'Enabler' is to understand the inventor - and then interpret their needs in words that conventional providers of the needed material resources can understand and respond to.

The 'Enabler' whether individual or company, needs to steer the process until a commercial project begins to emerge.  Throughout this process, the Enabler looks after the interests of the inspired inventor in order are ensure that an agreement is reached between inventor and investor. that protects the interests of the inventor.

Training Course

Courses could be provided in the following:

  • Understanding the Wisdom
  • Accessing the knowledge available through the Wisdom
  • Using this knowledge in a personal life
  • Using this knowledge in creating a project
  • Developing the skills of an Enabler

Web Sites

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We have published a book

Creating Spiritually Inspired Projects

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