Over the centuries, there have been countless inspiring individuals,  writing and talking about the Ageless Wisdom.  We have selected a small group of people,  who were active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and who have had a profound influence on  contemporary spirituality



Mdme Helena Blavatsky 

Born Yelena Petrovna von Hahn

12 August 1831

Died 8 May 1891 (aged 59)

Wrote many classic Books - including

Isis Unveiled, The Secret Doctrine. 

Set up the Theosophical Society

In Indiaa nd USA

Travelled extensively in India, Tibet , Mongolia and Egypt researching the Ageless Wisdom


Annie Besant

Born Wood 1 October 1847

Died 20 September 1933 (aged 85)

Married Frank Besant (m. 1867; div. 1873)

Women's rights activist, writer of many books and powerful orator

Theosophist - took over  the leadership of the Theosophical Society from Mdme Blavatsky

Active in AdyarMadrasMadras PresidencyBritish India

Involved in Indian National Congress

and the Indian independence movement



Alice Bailey

Born Alice La Trobe-Bateman

Born June 16, 1880

Died December 15, 1949 (aged 69)

NationalityBritish and American

Set up the Lucis Trust publishing and course providing organisation

Wrote a large number of books - channelled and inspired bt Djwal Kuhl - a Tibetan Abbot.

These books are all currently availabl and I have had a significant influence and today's interest in Esotericism

Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner

Born 27 February 1861)

Died 30 March 1925 (aged 64)
University of Rostock (PhD, 1891

Married Anna Eunicke (1899–1911)

Marie Steiner-von Sivers (1914–1925)

Studied Goethe and lectured on the subject

Set up his own school of Anthroposophy,

Lectured and wrote extensively on  medicinebiodynamic agricultureeurythmyspiritual scienceholism in science. His teaching uniquely accepted by contemporary scientists and doctors despite its powerful esoteric content

 Set up the Waldorf schools